Lee never expected much out of life. She was keenly aware of her differences as a multi-racial child growing up in Palestine, Texas.

Abandoned by her birth mother the day she was born, she always felt something was missing from her life. Raised by her maternal grandmother, Lee received everything a young girl needed, love.

Shortly after her grandmother’s death, secrets began to surface; letters found reveal who her father is and where he lives. As her search to find him begins, other mysteries appear.

Lee must choose whether to live honorably, as her grandmother had raised her, or seek revenge for being cast aside.

Thadeus Parkland began his career dressing hair in North Texas. His fifteen-year tenure with the same company led him to leadership roles.

Working with key industry leaders, the perspective he garnered and his knowledge of the manufacturing industry compelled him to assist others in achieving success.


Case studies with industry professionals researching the shift in the industry from commission-based salons to independent ownership was compiled into 10 Things You Should Know.

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Henry Notenburg, or Hank as his friends call him, never asked for the gift he carries; the ability to sense spiritual energy from other planes.


Discovering his ancestors dove into a realm they didn’t understand, Hank and his lover, Andy, become responsible for closing the gateway between two worlds that should not exist.


Three times, nocturnal demons on a mission to stop him would fail.


Would the fourth visit be his demise?

Near death, Mary reveals to her daughter-in-law the unfathomable act she committed some fifty years ago. The man she raised, Betty’s husband, was not actually her child.


Mary takes Bettie on a journey beginning with a fairy tale childhood that ends abruptly. Familial abuse leads her to steal a young boy; unimaginable acts become understandable as her past reveals many hidden truths.


On her deathbed, Mary owns her faults and seeks forgiveness for failing others.

Thadeus Parkland, former Contract Manufacturing Business Development and Projects team manager, provides a 30,000-foot overview of launching a product line. With 20-plus years of experience placing products into the marketplace, the insight provided manages expectations for the newcomer to the consumer products industry.


Things you never knew you should know or thought to ask are outlined in a simple, straightforward, easy-to-digest manner. 

Only Available in E-Book