Danielle Parks

A native of Fort Worth, Texas. After a career took her around the globe, she has returned to Texas and is happy to be doing what she loves – Telling her stories.

Danielle has a back for capturing audiences, both in person and via her writing. Telling this tale of deceit was a natural path for her. As a rape victim herself, this tale was one of relief and of tears. Both for her and the women involved.

Dedicated to always speaking her mind, we look forward to future works from Danielle Parks.

Thadeus Parkland

Retired from the pharmaceutical manufacturing world in April 2018 after serving as Director of Business Development for a contract manufacturing company in Dallas, Tx. His 15 year tenure in pharmaceuticals included business development, financial planning, operations along with quality. Assessing “big picture” solutions containing a step by step path with a hands on, emotionally neutral, approach to strategic planning and growth were utilized.This structure has proven a successful career path throughout out his work life. When assessing new opportunities, this proven approach is almost always utilized.

Having a need to tell his story, he quickly discovered the publishing world was one of great confusion. Clear cut answers with next steps were difficult to find and understand. This overwhelming frustration led to the development of P1Press; utilizing the skills he acquired in the business world were applied for a simple holistic approach to publishing a book – his.

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Thadeus Parkland