Support for you as an author!

As a self-publisher, many pieces of a puzzle must be interlocked before taking your work to market.


P1Press offers various a la carte services to support areas you need assistance with or simply don’t want to bother with them.


In association with our sister company, P1Productions, the option to create an audiobook is readily available.

You have successfully finished your body of work – now what?

Cover Design?


Web presence?




All of these pieces are critical for your success. As an independent author and publisher, the goal is to control as much as possible and reduce your expenditures. Fact is, no one does it all alone, and there are some areas where you will need help.


Headed to the bookshelf? Reach out to P1Press for information regarding our services. 

Cover Design

A lousy cover on a great book will kill sales before they begin. Many variables exist in creating that perfect cover – talk to us, and we can help with direction or design.


More important than a bad cover – editing is crucial to earn and keep a reader coming back. There are three critical parts to editing a story; if you don’t know what they are, please ask us. We will be glad to help!

Web Presence

A web page for your online sales as well as an author page is critical for your success. P1Press has the infrastructure to create an author biography page for you along with a link to the store that will house and sell your books.


Along with the importance of a properly formatted barcode that accurately represents your book at the checkout stand, the ISBN is the critical bit of information connecting your book with the world. Beware of free offers for an ISBN – there is always a catch!


Where are you going to store your books after they are printed? Who is going to prep them for shipment and apply the postage?
P1Press has the know-how and materials for housing and shipping your books after they are printed. Know your cost for using “POD” houses – they charge additional fees beyond the printing for their services.

This is a business---

Your adventure into publishing your book(s) is ultimately a business at the end of the day. We admire the entrepreneurial mindset and encourage people to follow their dreams. If your aspirations are, indeed, to do it all yourself, contact us for our consultation services. All work is confidential, and our hourly fee is quite reasonable.

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Parkland 1 Press has been about the artists from day 1. I have enjoyed working with the thorough and detailed team in creating in amazing experience.

– Brandon Harrison, Quininew

As an editor, working with Parkland1 was a very straightforward and enjoyable experience! Communication was clear and timely and the collaboration was fruitful and professional.

– Yensi Jacobo, Editor for “The Last Cotillion”


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