You have successfully finished your body of work – now what?

Do you have your trust circle?

Thought about Cover Design?

Do you know the three critical types of Editing?

What’s your PR plan?

Own your ISBN?

Aware of how Fulfillment works?

These are just a few of the pieces necessary for your success. Fact is, no one does it all alone, and there are areas you will need assistance with.

Talk to P1Press to determine what you don’t know.


And you thought writer’s block was bad!

Support for you as an author!

Writing the great American novel is a lot of work. Beyond completion of your manuscript, there are many avenues to take your book to market. While self-publishing is certainly an option, in order to find success you are going to need some help. Maybe a little, maybe a lot.


P1Press was developed by an author after stumbling around for two years attempting to get a book sold. Beyond friends and relatives, copies of the books remained in boxes unread. The vision we offer is to provide as much help as an author needs.


Traditional publishers offer many great reasons to work with them. Generally speaking, without an agent or editor pushing your work, it is not likely you will get their attention.


We strive to be different; our goal is to assist you in learning what you don’t know.

Services Offered

Cover Design

A lousy cover on a great book will kill sales before they begin. Many variables exist in creating that perfect cover – talk to us, and we can help with direction or design.


More important than a bad cover – editing is crucial to earn and keep a reader coming back. There are three critical parts to editing a story; if you don’t know what they are, please ask us. We will be glad to help!

Public Relations

A web page for your online sales as well as an author page is critical for your success. But those alone will not drive readers to purchase your book. In 2022 it is estimated nearly eight million books were sold in the US. What’s your plan to be noticed?


Your ISBN is your books identity to the world. It also tells the world what Imprint you are under, copyright details, and much more.  It is more than just a barcode on the back cover of your book. Beware of free offers for an ISBN – there is always a catch!


Where are you going to store your books after they are printed? Who is going to prep them for shipment and apply the postage? Do you know the cost for using “POD” houses? The means for getting your book from your desktop to a customer has many options, be in the know!

This is a business---

Your adventure in writing a book is ultimately a business if you want to earn a living. At P1Press, our goal is to support the author’s strength’s and fill in the gaps where needed. If your aspiration is to do it all yourself, we are available for a consultation. All work is confidential, and our hourly fee is quite reasonable.



Regardless of your need, reach out to us to see how we can help. 


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Parkland 1 Press has been about the artists from day 1. I have enjoyed working with the thorough and detailed team in creating in amazing experience.

– Brandon Harrison, Quininew

As an editor, working with Parkland1 was a very straightforward and enjoyable experience! Communication was clear and timely and the collaboration was fruitful and professional.

– Yensi Jacobo, Editor for “The Last Cotillion”