My Life Being A Sensitive – E-Pub

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Henry Notenburg, or Hank as his friends call him, never asked for the gift he carries; the ability to sense spiritual energy from other planes.


Discovering his ancestors dove into a realm they didn’t understand, Hank and his lover, Andy, become responsible for closing the gateway between two worlds that should not exist.


Three times, nocturnal demons on a mission to stop him would fail.


Would the fourth visit be his demise?

3 reviews for My Life Being A Sensitive – E-Pub

  1. Victoria

    OMG!!! Your book is blowing my mind – it came yesterday; I am just to chapter 4 but it was hard to put down. You are a very good and engaging writer.

  2. Rachel

    I really enjoyed your book. I read almost half of it in one night. I love books about the supernatural! You have a gift! Keep writing!

  3. Rick

    I was so enthralled in this book, not only once but three times my partner opened a door and I jumped from being startled! What an amazing story and I love that you represent the LGBT community in a new and honest approach to relationships!

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